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Manufacturing of dyes and finishes

All our production is done with state-of-the-art-ink-jet type dyeing machines that mean we can reach levels of matching between top-end selvedge-centre unmatched by other piece-dyed systems.

The whole process and running is fully automated and operated from the laboratory, which enables us to provide excellent reproducibility between batches. To obtain that type of reproducibility, we control colour quality using the DATACOLOR COLOURTOOLS program, and can work using coordinates without a physical sample, manage reports, control deviations, etc.

The finishing section is equipped with the most advanced technology from the MAHLO company to control temperature, humidity, time spent, etc. to give each item the required, optimum finish depending on the final application it is intended for.
All products and dyes used are selected to protect human health and be environmentally friendly. We have OEKOTEX certification for our dyeing and finishing process.